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Recording of Resonance is complete!

I am very happy to announce that the tracking of the album went very well this weekend. We put in two days of recording at the Springs Theater - (thank you John Stephan!) and came away with some great tracks. This was a very big step for the project, but not the final one. I will be mixing everything this weekend with Tom Morris and then will be sending those mixes to Heron Island Studios to be mastered, hopefully early next week. Then once the music is sounding as it will on the actual released CD, I'll be working with some promotional folks AND getting the art, pictures and physical layout together so the discs can be duplicated. This has been a bunch of work - but it is so satisfying to see it turn into something tangible.

I want to express my deep appreciation to my wonderful band for their time, talent and feedback. I couldn't have gotten the music to this point without your valuable input. Thank you, Larue Nickelson, Zach Bornheimer, Pablo Arencibia and Alejandro Arenas.

Stay tuned for more updates - with some sneak previews, behind the scenes stuff, the actual release and upcoming live performances.

Thank you all for your support!


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