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And now for something completely different...

So, I had this idea the other day: It seems that so many people are clamoring to be heard as artists (everyone digitally shouting, "look at me" from their rooftop) that it's tough to weed through what has real depth and what is just sort of pop-fluff. Not that there's anything wrong with pop-fluff, it's just not what I gravitate to, anyhow... I posted a video on youtube just asking people to submit art that they have created and are proud of/ want feedback on. My hope was that I (and anyone else participating) might see and hear something that they never would have and get excited about that new discovery. Ok, so it didn't go very well - I got lots of views, but not much participation. Meh, I'll keep asking. I think the concept is worthwhile. Honestly, I'd love to maybe do an interview with someone who shares something that I really like. Maybe

I just secretly want to be Terry Gross.

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