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Collaboration is the key to success...

In the hopes of making the best sounding music possible, I have been dragging my ever growing folder of compositions around to various musical friends in the area for their feedback and suggestions. In the past month or so I have met with Saxophonist, Zach Bornheimer; Guitarist, LaRue Nickelson; Bassist/Pianist, Patrick Bettison and Pianist, John O'Leary; and Jazz Composer, Chuck Owen for various forms of musical guidance. All of these guys were gracious with their time and talents, I couldn't be happier with my extended musical family around here and how they've helped me. Some suggestions were fairly abstract and concerning more elusive types of musical communication, while others were more nuts and bolts oriented where very specific harmonic or melodic changes were offered. Each of these musicians have unique ways of working - it was helpful in a way, just to see those differences in action. I may try to bounce ideas off of some of these guys in the future... after I've had time to pour over the recordings I made of our meetings.

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